First Post, New Blog, let’s go!

My adventure…remembering and rambling… in 1972, 8th grade, small school, small town, riding the bus home and “Heart Of Gold” comes on the AM, a new hit by Neil Young. Guitar, Harmonica, cool vocals, how does he do that? Local music store, save money for Epiphone ‘OOO’ sized acoustic guitar and a Mel Bay chord chart starter book. Local record store, find 45 of HOG w/Sugar Mountain on the B-side, let’s learn how! Harmonica will have to wait a bit, no $7.50 for that in savings (Red Duck clay bank with silver dollars in it), and what is a “key”? Time passes,  meet a friend at summer dwelling(s) who knows how to play a bunch of James Taylor stuff, he’s teaches shortcuts and technique.

Enough about the instruments and whatnot.

What else does this Neil Young guy play on? Trace back to the Self Titled LP, and find it to be OK, then After The Gold Rush, wow, head trip on some songs, but Tell Me Why is ‘learnable’, so let’s go there…but wait, “Buffalo Springfield”? So we go there, and get closer to the beginning, the roots…WOW. Great stuff.

Fast forward to October 23rd, 2010, Shoreline Amphitheater, Bridge School Benefit Concert, first public appearance of Richie Furay, Stephen Stills and Neil Young, together, since May 5th, 1968.  This oughta be fun.

We’ll miss Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin.

Special thanks to Richie Furay for his accessibility via his website forum, Tweets and Facebook posts.

Each topic appears in order of posting, newest first, so one may see all topics by scrolling down.

Mo’ L8tr,


UPDATE**From Thrasher’s Wheat, a great read about the band:

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4 Responses to First Post, New Blog, let’s go!

  1. TJ SImon says:

    If it weren’t for Tim Jones, I never would have know Neil Young in high school. Now that would have been sad!

  2. Net says:

    I think I was 7 the first time I got to go to a Neil show and boy was it a great one. Now I can’t stop going to concerts as long as it includes some amazing guitar playing. So the gift that keeps giving and who would of thought it all began in an Armona school bus.:)

    Here’s to an amazing Buffalo Springfield reunion in one of the best venues in California!

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