When, where, how was it? ****UPDATE***

Hey, all you folks who were fortunate to see / hear the Buffalo Springfield ‘back in the day’, won’t you please share your experience?

Maybe this will jog your memory:

Bluebird live (audio only):

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5 Responses to When, where, how was it? ****UPDATE***

  1. Gary says:

    Great blog idea…good luck! BTW…I saw Buf Spri live on the Beach Boys tour in 1967. I’ve seen The Beatles. I’ve seen CSNY at Fillmore East in 1969 before 4 Way St. was recorded. I saw Manassas at Carnegie Hall…Buf Spri were right up there as the best live band you could ever want to see. They were far more powerful live…MUCH more bottom, much more raging guitars, much more raw than any record. When they were jamming they were bouncing all over the stage…Stills in the serape thing or, like Richie in a Nehru shirt (hey, it was the late 60s…!) and Neil in the fringe jacket and mocs…and just like has been written…after the fierce jams they would all run up and hit the mics for the vocals! It was passionate and energetic and exciting as hell! I can’t see how the Beach Boys followed them and I don’t remember their set!
    Early CSNY came close, later CSNY was, well, the 2000 and 2002 tours were way overrated…walls of undifferentiated guitars…big deal…but the Springfield had it all and it is truly sad that no definitive clear live recording was made to document this aspect of their immense talents. It is also a shame that Neil had to act like the Yoko of the band, (one person’s individuality is another person’s selfishness/impulsivity…) and continually quit, especially on the night Otis Redding was going to sing Mr. Soul with them on The Tonight Show. They would have exploded on the scene after that..but it did not happen. I am glad I’m old enough to have seen so many great rock musicians at the “right time.” The Springfield tour was really that good! G.

  2. Gary says:

    Gary again…Seeing the U2be videos brings back a lot of joy. They sounded great! I am jonesin’ for a live, electric 2010 Bluebird b/c I remember the 1967 live electric 20 min. all over the stage “Bluebird!” My show was at St. John’s Univ. in Jamaica, Queens, New York…I remember my seats were at stageline, stage left…way up high. The WMCA “Good Guys” Dandy Dan was the MC! The Strawberry Alarm Clock (!) didn’t show up! Opening were “The Pickle Brothers” who were really some music-comedy group with another name I forget…with some Volksvagen song at the time…then “The Soul Survivors!” with Expressway To Your Heart…really! Then Buffalo Springfield and then the Beach Boys…I really loved the Springfield and was thrilled beyond belief.
    Hi Jon BTW…This is Gary from the emails exchanged this week!

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