What’s next?

“What do I know? I’m just a fan.” – Just about everyone

So after the buffalo herd dust clears out and the founders return to their day to day, the peanut gallery begins the adulation, dissection and speculation – GUILTY as charged!

Here’s one scenario for the speculators-

Being’s how the live aspect of the Buffalo Springfield has been a missing puzzle piece, this band of troubadors could very well do some limited touring.

Just break out the Gretsches, Gibsons, Martins and Guilds, load ’em all up on a just one truck, come up with some GREAT B-roll playing on the background screen (tribute Bruce and Dewey) and perform some 1-1/2 hour shows. Keep the group hits spaced out with a few solo mini sets featuring each founder.

Here’s the key – RECORD each show on video. Cut, edit, and package it all up and release it whenever the marketers say it’s best.

Size the venues to taste and take it on the road.

C’Mon, guys, it’s getting late!


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The reviews ****UPDATE***First hand account of recent rehersals







Scroll down to the second letter , rehearsal account!!


(Hat tip DP from rustlist)

…and from Bob Lefetz’s blog…


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The instruments

So I wondered, how were these guys going to pull off  ‘the sound’ with acoustic instruments? They featured hollow body electrics in the day…hmmm…

Turns out that it’s more about technique!

Stephen played a couple of his Martin D-45 signature models, Richie a Gibson J-200 and Neil a Guild M-20 with processing.

Joe and Rick held down their parts extremely well, Joe lending his harmony talents on some vocals, but the up front trio handled the bulk of the singing.

I wondered about on the drive back home if the Buffalo Springfield will carry forth after these appearances and don the Gretsch’s and Gibsons!

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The announcement went “It’s been 40 years, but will be worth the wait. Please welcome Buffalo Springfield!”

L-R Stephen donning his dapper look, Richie with a period shirt and yes, that's a fringed suede jacket Neil is wearing! Image from Rolling Stone

The music was period as well. These guys NAILED it.

There are videos up on you tube already, but believe you me, they don’t do full justice to the quality of harmonies.

From Saturday, October 23rd,  2010…

And the closer…

From Sunday, October 24th,  2010…

For What It’s Worth, enhanced audio sync:

(THANKS to the YouTube contributors)

In “Rock and Roll Woman”, those little fills are coming from Richie’s Gibson. It was really neat to hear those signature riffs.

I cannot emphasize enough how ROCK SOLID the vocals were live. Just terrific.

Now there are around 12, 500 new witnesses to this wonderful music- LIVE! That many, in spite of the rain, stayed to watch and listen until the end of the show. AMAZING.

Pic from Thrasher's Wheat

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You know it’s official…

…when you see the name up in lights!

While checking for any last-minute availability in the 100’s, took a shot.

Camera rules have changed. Only cameras w/detachable lenses (like mine) are disallowed.

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Today’s the day, heading North

43N/99N/152W/101N/85N/Shoreline Blvd.N/Parking lot.

Hope to snap a few outside pics, as cameras are not allowed in the venue.

Things have changed since I was last there, and I reckon there will be a few videos / images posted in various places very soon.

Looks like rain…so what. It’s the Buffalo Springfield, after all!



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As close as possible by a contemporary

Credit to Brendan Shepherd for posting this video of Wilco performing “Broken Arrow” during a recent tour:

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